Why Au Fait?

Au Fait - adjective \Au` fait"\ pronunciation ( “O” – “Fay”) is a borrowed French phrase meaning “in fact,” “to the point,” “well-informed,” and hence “competent, expert, or correct.”

Someone not quite au fait is “not quite on top of the subject, not quite what the situation requires.” On the other hand, someone who is au fait is “up to particular standard or level especially in being up to date in knowledge; kept abreast of the latest developments"

In an age where dynamic businesses are compelled to confront new frontiers in a tactile, highly competitive service environment, Au Fait eSolutions prides itself on offering a framework which puts you in gear for significant breakthroughs in business solutions.

As our name suggests, we have a precise mission of being comprehensibly knowledgeable of the relevant existing and emerging technologies. We have refined our expertise to customize a matrix of the most appropriate e-business technology available internationally to solve your business problems. The sound mastery of appropriate technology by our skilled team of professionals, is the foundation behind the systems we design to provide you with winning solutions for your enterprise.



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