Web Hosting


Once your web application has been developed then the next step in the process is to host the application. Whether you are a small business just wanting to have a presence or large enterprise hosting where the web is an integral part of your business process, we have the hosting solution for you. Included in our services being offered is offsite backup rouding out your Disaster Recovery Plan.

The Network Operations Center is staffed with dedicated technicians 24x7, no exceptions. Professional System Administrators are constantly monitoring server and network status to ensure your server / service is always up. To ensure lightning fast connectivity we have multiple redundant connections to several backbone providers through OC3 and GigE connections.

Let Au Fait provide your hosting needs on either the Linux or Microsoft Platforms.

Our Hosting Services Include:

  • Shared Virtual, No Dedicated IP Address
  • Shared Virtual, with Dedicated IP Address
  • Semi-Dedicated
  • Dedicated
  • Dedicated and Managed
  • Offsite Backup
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