Date Security and Privacy Management


The popularity of the Internet is driving companies to focus on security and privacy. Our security specialists work with you to assess, plan, design, implement and manage a security-rich environment for your online applications and transactions as well as your in-house networks and systems.

These Security, Privacy, and Wireless Security services will help you build trusted electronic relationships with your employees, customers and business partners

A total security and privacy plan includes many elements of the following categories:

Security & Privacy Assessment and Planning

Our assessment and planning services range from developing an overview of your organizational issues to assessing specific components, such as network applications, systems and the Internet. Since security involves all parts of your business, we also go beyond the electronic and network concerns and include physical site security. In addition, we include assessment of your e-business security needs in our list of service offerings. The bottom line is that after our assessments, you'll know the relative strengths and weaknesses in your environment.

Security & Privacy Architecture & Design

The development of the correct security and privacy environment is one of the most important investments a business will make. Our consultants and security architects will work with you to create the policies, standards and procedures that form the foundation for trusted e-business, as well as the security architecture and design specifications that best fit your requirements. Whether the focus is on secure solutions, secured e-business solutions or on creating an enterprise-wide security approach, our services team will bring the most experienced and capable resources together to design and deliver the solution that best fits your requirements.

Security and Privacy Implementation

Implementing and integrating Security and Privacy solutions can be complex and resource intensive. AFE provides implementation methodologies to help you minimize the costs of training your users and getting the recommended system up and running. Our skilled professionals will help you identify the best technology solutions, build prototypes, and perform the integration and test activities required to bring solutions securely online in your business.

Security and Privacy Management

As your organization implements new e-business and other solutions, AFE Security and Privacy Services will help you to understand the costs and expense necessary to run and maintain your security investment. It is also in our best interest that your systems remain secure. We therefore provide you with managed services to accommodate your needs. With these services, AFE partners with you to constantly assess and provide the most appropriate levels of security and privacy on an on-going basis.


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