Web Development


With the expanding technical options for communication on the Web, developers might be tempted to focus only on issues such as hypterext markup language (HTML) syntax, page layout, or the latest and flashiest technologies. However, at AFE we believe that web development needs a broader, more process-oriented approach in order to articulate the information content they wish to convey. We pay close attention to the characteristics and qualities of the Web as a medium for communication so that they don't merely duplicate practices intended for paper and other media.
Developing Web content involves shaping and negotiating meaning and making many choices involving technical, aesthetic, and usability concerns. It requires keen skills in planning, analysis, and design in addition to Web-oriented skills in representing information in a particular medium.

Our services include:

  • Website Analysis and Strategy Development
  • Website Design and Management
  • E-Commerce Design and Implementation
  • Intranet/Extranet Development
  • Web portals and application Deployment

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