Who We Are

Au Fait eSolutions Ltd. is a full service, information-technology professional services firm that specializes in delivering innovative business solutions to small and medium sized business in the Caribbean using the most appropriate technologies.

A subsidiary of Au Fait Consulting, Inc., a Florida Corporation, the company was formed in October 2003 primarily because there was a strong demand for Caribbean-based technology firms with “real” knowledge. Our research showed that the chief information officers of Caribbean organizations are generally dissatisfied with the quality of knowledge that is possessed by many firms that presently offer these services. Thousands of dollars have been spent on IT project cost overruns primarily because the vendors did not fully understand the scope of the project or did not have the required knowledge to deliver solutions on time and under budget.

Au Fait eSolutions Ltd. seeks to make a difference, in that we help small and mid-sized organizations to first understand the challenges they face. We will then apply the innovative technologies and project management skills that not only provide appropriate solutions, but also revolutionize the operations while maximizing the returns. Our focus on knowledge leadership drives us to find innovative technologies and appropriate solutions for our clients.



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